Frequently Asked Questions

·       SHARES AND PRICES? 3 SIZES: Small $280 (for a single or couple, 4 items/wk).  Medium $490 (for a family or veggie loving couple, 7 items/wk).  Large $630 (for a veggie loving family, 9 items/wk). 

·       PAYMENT? At signup, Pay in Full or Pay Plan (4 equal payments billed monthly).  We accept: Credit/ Check/ Cash. Checks made payable to “Walking Bird Farm” Mail to: Walking Bird Farm 250 S. Mannheim Ave, Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215.

·       PICKUP WHEN AND WHERE? On-farm ONLY.  WHEN: Th, Fr 10AM to 5PM, or Sa 10AM to 2PM.  WHERE: Walking Bird Farm (formerly B&B Farms), 250 S. Mannheim Ave Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215.  

·       WHAT IF I MISS A PICKUP? If you are unable to pickup your share on your scheduled day, then you can do so on another pickup day and during CSA hours.  We cannot hold your share beyond CSA days/hours; you can choose to it donate it.  Or, have a friend pick up your share in your place. You do not need to notify us but please explain the pickup procedures to them.

·       HOW DOES IT WORK? Pickup ProcedureBring your own bags (just like the grocery store).  Grab your share ticket (in alphabetically order at check in). Pack your share from around the tables (we call this “market style”).  Pick-Your-Own (if you choose, from the fields, when available).  Purchase extras (in Farm shop or online, when available).

·       WHAT'S IN MY SHARE? 100% of your CSA share is grown on our farm!  We harvest all produce for the shares as close to the day of delivery as possible. Small 4 items; Medium 7 items; Large 9 items.  For example, an item is a bag of potatoes, a bag of greens (1/4-1/2lb average), a bunch of carrots, a container of tomatoes (4 tomatoes/container), a pack of peppers (4 peppers/pack) or a pack of zucchini (3 zucchini/pack). Although nearly all your share items will have been pre-washed when you get your share, we recommend that you wash your produce again before to eating it.

·       Customization, Swaps and Ordering Extras? The farm will email members the harvest by Wed afternoon, and you will have 12-24 hrs to make changes.  We allow customization of your share where designated items can be changed out if you so choose. There is no requirement to make changes - if no alterations are made, you will receive the standard share for that week.  Swapping items in your share (when available): no upcharges for swaps!  Adding items to your share: throughout the season we will have extra items available for purchase. Any items added to your week's share must be paid for at the time of ordering.

·       WHAT ELSE DO WE OFFER? Local products available for purchase during your CSA pickups: baked goods; eggs; chicken and turkey products; honey; sheep milk dairy products, fruits (in season) and more.

·       PICK YOUR OWN?  CSA member exclusives to make part of your share – items include: flowers, herbs, cherry tomatoes and green beans (when available).  Bring your own scissors and containers for picking.  Also, CSA member discounts for open to public crops – strawberries and blueberries.

·       GROWING PRACTICES? We use: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and organic practices that work for us. IPM allows us to reduce spraying and avoid crop loss, helps keep costs down and protect beneficial insects; an environmentally sensitive approach that makes common sense.  Our strategy is to identify and prevent pests in combination with other IPM tools.  We use biological controls, natural enemies, to manage pests and use cover crops and crop rotations to break up pest and disease cycles.  And we manage weeds using tractors, mulches, hand pulling/hoeing and where appropriate, using a selective spray to do the job that is safest for other organisms, soil, air and water quality.  Our farm is an open book; we are willing to discuss how we grow it and why we do it. We eat this food too!

·       SIGN UP? Create an account.  Choose: CSA share size (3 options); Payment Type (Pay In Full or Pay Plan) and Pickup Day (flexible, can be changed throughout the season).